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ABBA Bail Bonds is a project of passion. Open all day, every day for your benefit. Based in the Los Angeles area, as well as many other cities. We offer convenient free parking. Don't feel overwhelmed when you need a bail bond to get someone out of jail. With over 15 years of experience. ABBA handles all bail bond needs. Our aim is to create a higher bail business enterprise by focusing on the individual instead of solely on profit, and it's working. Our clients are our highest priority. Need Inmate bond info? We can help with that. Cash Bail, Property Bond, Surety Bond, Immigration bond we got you covered. With our own hands, we've tried to change the bail industry for the better. We bail people out of jail quickly and professionally.


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ABBA Bail Bonds

900 Avila St #101
Los Angeles 90012
United States

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About Los Angeles

Los Angeles (US: (listen) lawss AN-jəl-əs; Spanish: Los Ángeles [los ˈaŋxeles], lit. 'The Angels'), often referred to by its initials L.A., is the largest city in the state of California and the second most populous city in the United States after New York City, as well as one of the world's most populous megacities. Los Angeles is the commercial, financial, and cultural center of Southern California. With a population of roughly 3.9 million as of 2020, Los Angeles is known for its Mediterranean climate, ethnic and cultural diversity, Hollywood film industry, and sprawling metropolitan area. The city of Los Angeles lies in a basin in Southern California adjacent to the Pacific Ocean extending through the Santa Monica Mountains and into the San Fernando Valley. It covers about 469 square miles (1,210 km2), and is the seat of Los Angeles County, which is the most populous county in the United States with an estimated 9.86 million as of 2022.Home to the Chumash and Tongva indigenous peoples, the area that became Los Angeles was claimed by Juan Rodríguez Cabrillo for Spain in 1542. The city was founded on September 4, 1781, under Spanish governor Felipe de Neve, on the village of Yaanga. It became a part of Mexico in 1821 following the Mexican War of Independence. In 1848, at the end of the Mexican–American War, Los Angeles and the rest of California were purchased as part of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, and thus became part of the United States. Los Angeles was incorporated as a municipality on April 4, 1850, five months before California achieved statehood. The discovery of oil in the 1890s brought rapid growth to the city.